Are Diesel Powered Cars Better Than Cars That Run On Gasoline?

mobile diesel mechanical services lotaFor years, there has been a question over enthusiastic drivers over which fuel is more efficient between diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline fuel. For most mobile diesel mechanics, they also have a strong opinion regarding the matter as both offers specific advantages and most would argue that diesel engine is more powerful than its counterpart as it is known for its efficiency.

Where does diesel fuel win against unleaded fuel?

Fuel mileage. Diesel wins when it comes to fuel mileage as they are 33 per cent more fuel efficient than unleaded. This means that if you are running your unleaded vehicle 30 miles to the gallon, a diesel car would have its engine an additional 40 MPG. One reason for diesel’s greater fuel efficiency is that its diesel engine provides more torque. Torque provides better acceleration which can be credited for a diesel engine is more efficient.

Burns fuel more efficiently. When it comes to burning fuel more efficiently, diesel fuel also takes the lead as it does not mix with air, unlike unleaded gas. When it comes to a diesel engine, air comes into the top of the cylinder which will be compressed to where the air heats up to an ignition point. This will allow for the diesel to be injected as a small mist which allows the piston to be pushed by the explosion.

While there may be some differences between the two types of engine, it is still the owner who would choose between a diesel engine car and an unleaded engine one. Consumers should give this a good hard look to see which engine is a better fit for them.

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