Car Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Driving Experience

Do you have any complaints about your car’s handling? Do you feel the car suspension is getting a bit shabby? As a frequent driver, you want that comfortable ride when cruising down the road and curvy street as if you are connected to the road. The problems is when it gets a little old, it gets a little soft and it starts to sag a little bit.

What should you do to get it back nice and firm again?

Every car comes with stock suspension, many want to upgrade it. The aim of suspension upgrades is to have a more precise and handling performance.  Let’s take a look at the basic suspension setup that you can possible get.


If you just want to add a basic suspension component, replacing the stock springs with performance shorter springs. Shorter springs will not only give your vehicle a decent drop to improve its look, but also improve steering response and reduce body roll.

When you upgrade your spring it is recommended to get a pair of new aftermarket shocks to match shorter springs, otherwise the stock shocks will soon wear out because they are not meant to work with shorter springs.


If you are a serious track junkie then this type of system is definitely for you. Though tuned for track application, this system is also good for daily drivers. This product is available in different variations to suit the need of every driver.

The coilover setup is an increasingly popular suspension option for cars. Coilovers are one of the best options because of their adjustability. It has not only ride height adjustment, but also has rebound damping adjustment. The rebound damping adjustability of coilovers allows you to make adjustments for track application or street use.

Air Suspensions

You don’t usually see this setup on cars, but some performance enthusiasts and low riders go for the air suspension setup. Now that you see air suspension kits for performance cars, you have a fully adjustable solution for your suspension upgrade.

When you have crazy wheels and want to drive low for a more aggressive stance, or you want it a bit higher for a rough drive the air suspension setup is the way to go. This aftermarket suspension upgrade is really worthwhile. You will surely enjoy what this sophisticated upgrade can do.

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